Saturday, 18 August 2012

This week I'm...

... Making crochet beads!
I saw some pictures a while back of cute crochet bead bracelets, and began scouring the internet for patterns, but once I got the wooden beads I needed to cover I realised I'd need to create my own pattern to fit them. So here it is, and you can adapt it to the size of your beads (mine are these, approx.20mm in size). For this I used Patons Smoothie DK yarn that I split into half - there were originally 6 strands, however I only used three. Luckily, this means you get twice as much yarn in a ball! ^_^

Using a 4mm hook
R1: Ch 5, slp st in first ch (4)

R2: 2sc in each (8)

R3: *sc, 2sc* 4 times (12)

R4-7: sc in each (12)

Put the bead in the crochet cover - It's a little tight at first, but it should fit in nicely.

Switch to a 3mm hook.
From now on crochet only in the loops facing you!

R10: *sc, dec1* 4 times (8)

R11: dec once more, and then slip stitch into the next front loop. Fasten off, and there you are!

If your bead is bigger, increase the amount you chain in R1, for example to 7 (so you have 6 stitches). R2 would then be (12), and R3 (18).
If your bead is smaller, I'd suggest using a smaller hook, as you don't really want to have any less stitches.

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