Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mallorca Holiday!

On the 15th of June, my lovely boyfriend turned 21! And, because he's very lucky (and has amazing parents) he was surprised with a week's holiday in Mallorca - and the best part was I was invited too! So a few days later we flew from Bristol Airport and arrived about 2 and a bit hours later in Palma. We then travelled for an hour by coach to our hotel - Pollenca Park. The hotel was gorgeous, with a lovely pool and staff, and best of all a buffet for breakfast and tea!

Here's all of us sat by the pool (from left: Pete, Dan, Me and Jayne). Yes, I am wearing a jacket! I somehow managed to get a chill...

 A beautiful house in Port D'Pollenca just off the beach with this as their view!

 The view in Sa Calobra (we would later go round this mountain on a boat in the stifling heat!)

 One of our rare beach days in Alcudia

He sat like this all day! This was in Palma, and there were loads of different 'acts' to see, some a little scary too...

The cathedral in Palma with the famous stained glass window that forms petals on the floor. Unfortunately this only happens when the sun shines through, and as you can see that day was particularly cloudy.

 One of my favourite parts of the whole holiday - visiting the Caves of Drach! I highly recommend going if you go to Mallorca, it really is unmissable.

 This is inside the caves - can you make out the boat in the lower left hand corner? I won't spoil the surprise as to the main feature of the caves, but it is absolutely spectacular.

And here are some sillier/odd photo's from the trip;

Me with my very large (and moustache-producing) cappuccino, and Dan and I at the bottom of the 365 steps in the Old Town Pollenca.

For some reason I love how the sun has bleached everything apart from my towel in this photo!

 This isn't an entirely non-crochet related post! Look at all the lovely yarn goodness!

And now for my most photographed subject - flowers! I've limited the amount I'll post here, but there were so many lovely colours I couldn't help but add a few at the end...

Finally, this photo was taken as we waited for the coach to take us back to Palma for our flight home. I'm going to miss the warm nights and beautiful scenery, but it is nice to be back in my own bed!

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