Sunday, 5 May 2013

Homemade Rolo Fudge!

Sunday baking has kind of gone out the window lately. But this Sunday the sun has inspired my mum and I to re-visit cooking, and what better a thing to make than yummy, sweet, sickly, crumbly fudge?!

I used this simple and easy to follow recipe! The only change I made was, as my microwave doesn't have a 70% power option, during the first 8 minutes in the microwave I did 4 minutes on 80% and then 4 minutes on 50%. For the next 6 minutes I used 80% power.

(Be VERY careful - the mixture gets very very hot, so I wouldn't do this alone.)

The result was a crumbly gorgeous flavour fudge! This mixture made loooads, so next time I'll probably half all the ingredients, as the fudge got quite sickly after three or four squares!

Here's a mound we sent over to my grandparents - not even a quarter of what we made!

Mmmm, look at all that gooey Rolo-goodness!

Look how crumbly it is! It's proper melt-in-your-mouth fudge! :)

How is your weekend going - any fun projects? And to all you UK-ers, have a great bank holiday tomorrow ! :D

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