Wednesday, 8 May 2013

DIY Flower Tea Light Holder

Something about the sun always brings out the little kid in me, and as soon as my shorts were on I was rummaging through my craft supplies. This project is easy and quick, and could even be done around the out side of a glass! (away from the mouth area of course)

This one is great for getting the kids crafting, and if they have a variety of craft punches (or some imaginative designs that the adults can cut out) there's endless possibilities!

You will need:

  • A craft punch
  • Mod podge (I couldn't find any in my local hobbycraft so I used plain 'ol PVA instead, and it gave a nice 'frosted effect')
  • A glass tea light holder/cup
  • Paint brush and something to put the glue in
  • Tissue paper in colours of your choice

Step 1: Select your tissue paper. My front room is a mixture of warm reds and yellows, so I chose these.

Step 2: Use the craft punch to make your shapes. You can either be sporadic or go crazy!

Step 3: Place some of the glue on the glass.

Step 4: Then put your tissue paper shape over where you put the glue.

Step 5: Use a little bit of glue to cover the tissue paper. Try to paint from the middle of the shape outwards, going from the centre to north, centre to east, centre to south etc.

Step 6: Continue doing this until the glass is covered how you like it! Leave to dry, and it should dry either clear or opaque depending on your glue.

Don't forget to cover the bottom!

Leave your glass to dry for an hour or so, and ta dah! You're done!
I put a tea light in mine as soon as it was ready and took a few (dark) snaps:

I love this little addition to our mantle, and am definitely planning on making more in different colours, and some glass tumblers too!

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