Thursday, 29 November 2012

Falling behind...

I realise I haven't posted a Sunday baking in a while. A long while. Last Sunday we didn't get a chance to back seeing as my boyfriend and I were so busy with uni/school work, and the Sunday before that... Well. We decided to make some White Chocolate cupcakes from a recipe mum had mysteriously found and couldn't remember where from.

It did not go well.

They tasted nice when they were just out of the oven - gooey white chocolate lumps with a bit of a crunchy topping... mmmmm. But as soon as they were left to cool - duhn duhn duuh - they were horrible! They tasted more like scones than anything else. Very dry for a cupcake.

Don't be fooled by how they look! You can tell in the first picture how little they rose, even though the recipe asked for a whole table spoonful of baking powder!

On the plus side I am making a scarf for my friend for Christmas, and as soon as it's finished I'll post the pattern. It's super easy and makes up pretty quickly as it uses chunky wool! I'm also making this cute dolphin for my dolphin-obsessed friend, and it's turning out great so far.

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