Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Premo! Sculpey

Today was the first time I'd used Premo! and I have to say - I'm quite pleased. I say quite, because after reading all the praise I'd heard (and how it was so supposedly better than my usual Fimo Soft) it still didn't seem much better...

  • I was using white, and it did stay white, even when baked.
  • Didn't take as much conditioning as I'd thought - about the same time as Fimo did to warm up.
  • It was a terror for getting fingerprints. Even more so than Fimo Soft, which was supposed to be the worst one. Maybe because it was white they showed up more, but I felt like my poor little charms were being tainted :(
  • Although it was easy to condition, after just a few minutes I had to start all over again, as it'd start cracking "/
Anyhow, I'll post some piccy's later and you can be the judge of how they turned out!

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