Sunday, 8 April 2012

So here we are...

I'm a knitter, a crochet-er (is that what they're called?), a baker, a sew-er (?) and a polymer clay modeller. But I'm the only KCBSM - may need to change the name - I know, apart from my grandma. So here I am, seeking all you others.

For a while I've been blog-surfing, looking at all the patters I want or all the tiny charms I want to make, and I realised that I had way too many tabs open to keep track off. I didn't want endless crochet patterns - I get too easily bored! - or millions of polymer clay cakes and fruits to make; who has the money? I just wanted a weekly project.

So this was how my blog was born. I'll keep track of my projects (and hopefully finish more) and how my experiments turn out (the first one being my attempt at 'squishy dough'). Also, there may be some short reviews of games I'm playing or books I'm reading.

All in all, looks like I've bitten off a bit more than I can chew doesn't it? :)

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